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Glittery Ramblings

Idle musings of the fae minded one

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I work with small children, even if only for the cheesy grins and spontaneous cuddles it's worth it. I make faery wings and roleplaying costumes and props when I have a spare breath of time.

I'm a bouncy person, many friends, many extra personalities dancing around in my head (and sometimes they don't know I'm here). I love bubbles and purple and falling in love and giving headskritches to my closest friends. I live with a blue-tongued lizard named Oubourus, she hates being woken in the mornings, has her own equivalent of bad hair days when she's shedding, and a fondness for black velvet and satin. I've found my fairytale happily ever after type love of my life, the type that fills the gaps in my soul I never knew I had. We had our first child together on July 13, 2007, Talia Grace, born 12 1/2 weeks early via c-section and spending an achingly long time in NICU.

I believe in finding joy in the little things, and sometimes I think I'm really more fae than human. My little girl is certainly enough of an imp if she takes after me at all.